Nina's Bodybuilding Posing Suits

Bra Styles

My posing suits feature two bra styles: an under-wire and a bikini or a triangle style. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Read the following to find out which one will fit your body best.

Pros: Comfortable fit and natural shaping. Just like a quality bra, under-wire style offers the most support for various sizes. You can also get up to 2 full cup size increase in your shape with padding. This could be important to reach visual harmony in competitors with smaller busts.
Cons: $50 more than a triangle bra


Pros: The classic bikini top shape. A great way to show off a top-notch shape. Perfect for larger bust sizes. Less expensive than the under-wire bra. You can also get up to 1 full cup size increase with padding.
Cons: Less support than an under-wire bra.