Nina's Bodybuilding Posing Suits

Measuring correctly insures a proper fit

When you prepare for a competition, your body takes a unique form. Some of your body parts may be more emphasized than others. Therefore, correct measurements of your body are essential to me in order to create a perfect fit. Do it right the first time and your posing suit will fit right the first time you put it on. Here are some pointers on how to take measurements correctly:

What to measure

  1. Height
  2. Competition Weight (what you expect to weigh on the date of your competition)
  3. Bra and Cup Size (for example: 34D or 32C)
  4. Actual measurement of the bust (see below)
  5. Ribcage (see below)
  6. Hips (see below)
  7. Waist (see below)
  8. Full Torso (see below)
  9. Half-Torso (see below)

How to measure

1. Bust Measuring: Measure all the way around the fullest part of the bust.

2. Ribcage: Measure all the way around the torso just under the breast.

3. Waist: Measure all the way around the center of the torso at the point where the body bends naturally and the waist is the narrowest.

4. Hips: Measure all the way around the fullest part of hips or the largest part of the buttocks (feet together).

5. Full-Torso: With the tape measure at the top of the shoulder, let the tape measure fall down the front of the body. Pull the tape measure between the legs and up the backside to reconnect at the top of the shoulder. Do not have it too tight in the crotch.

6. Half-Torso: